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At AirCal Limited, we know that air measurement equipment is only as good as it’s calibration. And we know that in order to deliver the maximum amount of reliability and accuracy, you have to give your instrumentation the best calibration possible. That is why at AirCal Limited, we offer an industry-leading calibration service for a wide range of instrumentation and HVAC equipment…


Industry Leading Calibration of your HVAC Test Equipment & Instrumentation

Using our modern climate controlled laboratory and our UKAS traceable, precision instrumentation, we can calibrate your HVAC test equipment & instrumentation to the highest standards.

Repair, Refurbishment & Servicing of your HVAC Equipment & Instrumentation

Take advantage of our refurbishment service and give your equipment a new lease of life. Alternatively, upgrade from your existing instrumentation to bring your test equipment up to date with the latest ISO measurement standards.

Hire or Purchase Test Equipment & Instrumentation

We have a full suite of equipment and instrumentation that can be hired out for HVAC commissioning and / or leakage testing. While our online shop offers a well stocked inventory of leading brand test equipment and instrumentation.



The DPTx Pressure Transmitter from Sensing Precision is ideal for the monitoring and management of ventilation systems and is the perfect compliment to the high end Wilson Flowgrids or Eco-Radial Flowgrids. There are two standard models of the DPTx. The DPTx-250, (±250Pa), and the DPTx-500, (±500Pa). All DPTx’s are equipped with industry standard 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs. Each output can be scaled against either pressure, velocity or flowrate, with a configurable range setting for each output.

What sets the DPTx apart from most other transmitters is the LCD Display which is fitted as standard, and the menu driven graphical user interface, which makes installation and commissioning of the DPTx easy and straightforward.

The DPTx range of pressure transmitters also offer a RS485 MODBUS interface, with a limited subset of instructions, that can be utilized to interface the transmitter to a BMS controller.