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CLT Instrument Calibration

The Cab Leakage Tester is designed to allow a user to balance and commission mechanical / vehicle ventilation & exhaust systems with confidence.



The Cab Leakage Tester is designed to allow a user to balance and commission mechanical / vehicle ventilation & exhaust systems with confidence.
The CLT (Cab Leakage Tester) works by pressurizing, or depressurizing, the Volume Under Test to a specified pressure, and measuring the air volume flow generated to produce a leakage rate, or equivalent body hole size.
Our CLT can generate up to a maximum 400l/s of airflow over the 5 different nozzle sizes ranging from 15mm to 153mm in diameter. It is a primary measuring device and is the most accurate method of measuring the air leakage rate of the Volume Under Test.
As of 2015, all CLTs are manufactured with our new Instrument Pod, the MKII Control Pod. All existing CLTs can benefit from this new control system with the purchase a replacement pod, or will have the option of receiving this new control pod with a full CLT refurbishment.
We also offer the facility to design and manufacture a bespoke cab leakage tester to suit your specifications. Contact Us directly, with your requirements, and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quotation.

The new CLT POD MKII has been designed to be intuitive to use and also very stable. Using all new technology and software, the new control pod is a marked improvement over the original control pod. It is also much lighter and smaller provides both Manual and Automatic test modes as standard.
The MK II Pod makes use of an easy to use 5 Button Keypad and a graphic LCD to provide the user with much more user friendly interface. It has a USB port that will allow you to stream data in real time to a connected computer.

Key CLT Features

Available as Positive or Negative or Combination pressure models
Volume Flow measurement range is 1 – 400 l/s available
Streaming serial output Cab Static Pressure and Cab Leakage Rate
Automatically controls pressure throughout the test period
Complies with ISO 5801 2007 for Conical inlet nozzles
General uncertainty of Volume flow measurement is ±3% of reading

Key Features of the MK II POD

Ability to enter Ambient Temperature & Barometric Pressure
Real Time Clock
Sensor Damping allowing independent control of the Static Pressure and Leakage Rate sensors
Multiple Units of Measurement
View Leakage Rate as Actual Leakage or STP Compensated Leakage
English, French & German language facility
Plus, all CLTs with the new Pod have Manual and Automatic Test Modes included as standard!

Airflow Performance at Max Fan Speed Maximum Flow Rate = 400 l/s.
Fan Static Pressure @ Zero Flow = 1,375 Pa
Instrument Pressure Measurement Accuracy ± 2500 Pa
Instrument Flow Measurement Accuracy +/- 3% of reading +/- 1 digit
Conical Inlet Nozzle Sizes and Flow Range ± 1% of reading ± 1 digit
Leakage Flow Accuracy F (15mm Diameter.) = 1 to 4.8 l/s
G (28.5mm Diameter.) = 4 to 17 l/s
H (56mm Diameter.) = 15 to 67 l/s
D (90mm Diameter.) = 25 to 140 l/s
E (153mm Diameter.) = 90 to 400 l/s
Cab Pressure Present range ±50 Pa to ±500 Pa (0.2″W.G to 2″ W.G)
Power Supply 230V – 1phase – 50/60Hz @ 15A
Noise Levels Typically 64dbA ranging to worst case at 84dbA
Flexible Ducting: Size 5 meters long x 203mm Dia
Flexible Ducting: Weight 7kg
Positive & Negative Tester
Trolley: Overall Size 1542mm Long x 701mm Wide x 1034mm High

Trolley: Overall Weight 138kg
Positive Tester
Trolley: Overall Size 1329mm Long x 588mm Wide x 1034mm High
Trolley: Overall Weight 106kg

Cab Leakage Testing
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